Manufacturing Process

Digital Advantage Manufacturing process explained

We are all about treatment simplicity!

Our machinery is market leading and we are committed to constant investment to continue to push the possibilities of digital dentistry.

This amounts to structured manufacturing process that allow simple treatment protocols so the chair time for the patient Is reduced. 

Single crowns are made without models and are quality controlled through highly sophisticated software to establish that what we have milled is what we have designed. 

Restoring implants has never been simpler.

Restoring an implant abutment can be a minefield if you are not on the same page with your laboratory. If you use scan bodies that do not match with the labs implant libraries it can cause discrepancies with rotation and height. We have assembled a guide for restoring implants very efficiently. 

To start you need to select your scan abutment. We recommend Elos Meditech scan bodies as they are a neutral supplier of the most common implant manufacturers. 

These can be purchased here:

Genuine Scans & Parts

If you prefer to use genuine scan abutments, we can of manufacture using these scans also. 

We use only genuine parts for our implant restorations.  We have validated workflows that include componentry tracking, material lot registration as well as multiple QC stages to ensure consistent manufacturing standards.


Because we use only the highest standard products and processes, we stand behind our work with a 5 year warranty for all lithium disilicate crowns and 7 year warranty for any monolithic zirconia restoration.