Why Digital Advantage

Why Digital Advantage?

Digital Advantage means a simplified digital restorative journey.

Scanning a case is only a part of the puzzle.

Where the digital dentistry workflow has struggled up till now is identifying a quality manufacturing partner and then getting the correct information to that partner quickly and effectively.

We set out to bring the advantage of digital to you by making your restorations:

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Consistent
  • Well priced
  • AI designs
  • The promise of digital dentistry can finally be fully realised


We only use highest quality materials on the market.

We believe in sourcing aesthetic zirconia that also provides strength. Noritake by Kuraray provides that.

Depending on the restoration we will use STML, HTML or UTML which offer varying levels of strength and translucency.

Our lithium disilicate is chosen case by case depending on the desired outcome but we for most cases we use AmberMill by Hass. This material give an amazing aesthetic result while also giving the restoration and natural amount of.